Ut Naturalem
(Natural Order)

"I can calculate the movement of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of other people."
-Isaac Newton-


Ut Naturalem addresses the comparison between the concept of survival of the fittest as seen in a state of nature between that seen today in a contemporary technological society. The principals are the same but the way they are stimulated is different. Eye contact, body language, body modification, choice of hair color, choice of clothing and every lifestyle choice imaginable. All these concepts revolve around primitively instinctive forms of behavior that have been present in human and animal nature since the start of existence, however they are now being portrayed and expressed differently. Need for food and the way we consume rapidly, the way we find mates, the rules have changed but the game is still the same.
In terms of visuals, the series is heavily influenced by certain African cultures, and other culture some would deem as "primitive". They represent an element directly from the primal state of nature.