Agħti, kbir Alla,
id- dehen lil min jaħkimha

Culture and identity are two notions that are very much intertwined with one another. Together they shape and form peoples way of being within a specified area or location.

The environment is a defining pillar on which culture and identity are built upon, everything from the food, language, behavior and traditions are affected by the environment surrounding a population. The world is moving and it is moving fast, it is no longer the duty of the artist to raise environmental awareness because everyone knows there is a problem. Now the artist is concerned with portraying parallels and scenarios of warning.

This work aims to promote a concern with the unbalanced state of Malta and Gozo.
To illustrate the impact being created on an existential level, by one great factor out of several, our environment.

How does one revive a dying set of morals, principals and attitudes that once existed prominently within people of Malta and Gozo?
Perhaps a sense of balance is required, perhaps this loss of balance stems from a lack of cultivation of a healthy living space, a lack of respect, both towards our fellow man and towards the land that makes us.